AR Exhibitions

EyeJack brings art to life with animation and sound. We are working with elite artists, animators and musicians from around the world to create original works of Augmented Art that pushes the boundaries of this new and exciting medium. Our Augmented Reality technology has the magical power to evoke wonder, challenge your perception of reality and provide a new perspective and sensory experience.

If you’re a gallery or an event and would like to exhibit our collection of augmented art or are looking to curate your own AR exhibition please email to request our artwork catalogue and further information on our packages .

Experience our world famous Prosthetic Reality book and exhibition.

45 artists from around the world were invited to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality Art. The book is both a showcase of the art form and a historical document that captures the first wave of Augmented Reality Artists. The artworks have travelled the world, being showcases at dozens of festivals, galleries and museums.