Story Space

Sit back, relax and enjoy some high quality curated stories for all ages. Our stories range from iPad Interactive comics, to Augmented Reality comics, to short films and videogames.

Curate your own Story Space event by selecting from our collection below.

NEOMAD Interactive Comic Series
Set over three episodes, NEOMAD follows the story of the Love Punks, a group of techno savvy young heroes from the Pilbara in Western Australia who speed through a digitised desert full of spy bots, magic crystals, fallen rocket boosters and mysterious petroglyphs. This interactive iPad comic combines interactive comic panels, animation, original music and sound and a few live action short films.
Awards: Gold Ledger.

NEOMAD Documentary; How do we get to Space
Showcase the NEOMAD ipad comic alongside it’s behind-the-scenes documentary; How do we get to space. NEOMAD was co-created with over 25 young people from the Pilbara region of Western Australia. ‘How do we get to Space’ tells the story of how the young people contributed to colouring in over 180 pages of the comic, acted in 7 short films and animated a video game. An enjoyable film for all ages and a powerful testament to what young people can achieve when given the opportunity and resources to be creative.

Modern Polaxis
Modern Polaxis is a paranoid time traveller. Polaxis writes about all his strange experiences in his private journal. BUT, all his secret information, his paranoid delusions and conspiracy theories, he hides that away in a layer of Augmented Reality. Hold the EyeJack AR app over the pages of Modern Polaxis to see it come to life with animation and sound as a new layer of narrative is presented.

The Ocean is Broken
The Ocean is broken is an end-of-the-world tale of two brothers, Piitaaraq and Aqqalu, as they sail their boat north, scavenging through mountains of trash, searching for food, supplies and signs of life.  Presented as interactive comic that scrolls horizontally, unfolding the story with sound animation.


These Memories Won’t Last
Presented as an interactive webcomic, These memories won’t last tells the true story of an ageing grandfather who suffers from dementia.  As his memories of the past and present blur, he questions the value of memory at all.
Awards: Eisner-nomination.

Prosthetic Reality
Prosthetic Reality is anAugmented Reality Art book featuring works by 45 artists and sound designers from around the world. View the book through our EyeJack AR app to see the pages come to life with animation and sound.

Lovepunks_game_ 1.31.33 PM.png

Lovepunks Game
In this fun little game, you explore the town of Roebourne while transforming zombies with love bombs and discover magical creatures, dodging lizards and chasing peacocks! This game was co-created by a gang of 9,10 and 11 year old Love Punks from Roebourne in WA. For over 8 months the Love Punks collaborated with EyeJack artist Sutu to create stop motion animations of themselves and friends in Photoshop and Flash.